One of the more modern dog breeds is called the Pomsky. It is a cross breed between Pomeranians and Siberian huskies. More and more people have been falling in love these pups. Like their Pomeranian parents, they tend to be fluffy, warm dogs but because they are crossbreeds, you usually can’t tell from the puppy just how large the dog will become. Although they barely grow, they are quite keen and faithful dogs that provide great entertainment and love for anyone fortunate enough to get one or maybe two.


Photo Credit: Foxtrottin’ Northerns – Website

Because of their cute size, Pomskies are the perfect lap dog whether you’re an adult or a child. Compared to a child, a Pomsky shows the same interactive qualities. It is both playful and bubbly and is by far the most suitable substitute if of course you’re tired of those stuffed animals. Like all dogs, Pomskies need to be trained and treated. If you are thinking about getting a Pomsky or you already own one here are a few treats you can use:

Pomsky Treats: Treats are things that bring joy; they don’t have to be food.

You may find it a treat to bottle feed your pomsky puppies as it will provide great cosiness. Pomskies loved being ‘babied’ so you can use it to your advantage and give them love and warmth. It will only be needed for a short time period as you would want to deter them of milk as soon as possible.

You can make sure you have a special dog bed or puppy pen that they can call their own as your Pomsky puppy will spend most of their early life sleeping and eating. It would be a nice treat if they had a special place to rest their tired puppy heads.

Try pouring chicken or beef broth into ice cube trays. When frozen, place a few of these yummy pooch ice pops in the food bowl with your dog’s kibble, or simply add to the water bowl for an enjoyable seasoned beverage.

You can also give your Pomsky peanut butter on one of those doggie toys. It keeps his mind busy and his teeth off of your furniture and shoes. Also, it isn’t unhealthy; it has sufficient protein for a budding puppy. But, like any treat, make sure to treat sparingly so they don’t get a tummy ache.

Try making healthy pumpkin balls. This snack is not only delicious but is also filled with fibre, vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium, and iron. Mix pumpkin, molasses, oil, and water together in a bowl. Add some flour, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon to the mixture and stir until dough becomes softer. Set them out into ball shapes and bake roughly 25 minutes until dough is hardened. Who says you can’t treat your Pomsky!

How about Apple Crunch Pup cake? Mix water, applesauce, honey, egg, and vanilla together in a bowl until well blended. Pour these into lightly greased muffin pans and bake for about an hour. These are a fruity treat your Pomsky will adore.

How about trying some frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Dog Treat. It is the perfect snack to cool your Pomsky down after a vigorous play session. Melt the peanut butter in a microwave and the combine the yogurt and melted peanut butter. Pour the mixture into ice trays and then place in the freezer. Remember what I said earlier about peanut butter!

You can skip the store-bought snacks that are high in fat, sugar and often additives, and try offering your dog some vegetables. Give your Pomsky a baby carrot or some broccoli. Those have practically no calories, and dogs don’t care if you’re not giving them something meaty and blubbery. They just want you to give them something. Dogs are open to all foods, potentially. So vegetables can be a great snack choice for your dog.

Try fruits too such as banana slices, any kind of berries, watermelon or apple slices, and of course take the seeds out. Stay clear of any grapes, raisins, onions and anything with caffeine. These can be extremely toxic to your Pomsky.

Try Antlers and Himalayan chews. If you’re wondering, they’re made of cow’s milk, yak milk, salt and lime juice. They don’t crack and they can be grinded down into a powder for your Pomsky. You can also soak them in a low sodium beef or chicken broth if your dog doesn’t immediately go for the flavour. They can last about a week.

If your Pomsky can tolerate beef, mutton or bones, have your resident butcher smoke these for him. I guarantee they will love you.

Lastly, if you want to provide your dog with a good treat, then take him for a jog or walk, play games or teach them a new trick. Sometimes, your Pomskies wants your devotion and time far more than he wants a snack.

When deciding on a dog treat, make sure it’s something your Pomsky will love and something that’s suitable to give him/her. When buying treats for Pomskies, it’s good to look at the ingredients list and if it’s something you don’t recognize or can’t articulate, it might not be the best treat for your dog. Also, remember any dog would have a different taste than a human. You might not have beef trachea for dinner but for your Pomsky will treat it as his filet mignon.

Keep in mind, too, that human treats are not essentially the best treats for dogs. Not because a Pomsky would like beef tendons, he’d probably go for a chocolate too. Chocolate actually can make your Pomsky sick! There are many things that humans may eat that dogs are allergic to or literally can’t gut.

Since human foods and drinks are often harmful and sometimes deadly for your dog, you should give your Pomsky treats designed for dogs. Pet stores sell many treats fitting for these cases. Just think of this, human treats aren’t the same as dog treats.