Everyone including your Pomsky loves to eat treats, however similar to humans your pup also shouldn’t splurge on treats as they can add a lot of extra calories to your Pomsky’s diet. When feeding your dog treats you should take into consideration the 10% rule which means that treats and such should only account for 10% of your dog’s calories. Unsure about how much 10% of your Pomeranian Husky’s daily calories are? Well to get an idea of how many treats or calories that is give your vet a call or next time you go in for a checkup ask and you will get a recommendation based on your dog’s activity level and weight.

This rule is obviously just a guideline, it does not mean that you need to count every calorie your dog eats, but it’s always good to have an idea and make sure that he/she is not over eating and wont experience any problems in the future.dogfood

So you want to keep your Pomsky healthy and also reward your companion with treats but aren’t too sure what’s good for your dog and what isn’t?

Well Many store bought treats are very unhealthy as they are packed full of preservatives, sugar, and are usually high in fat, but the best way to tell is looking at the label. If you look over the packaging for a beef or veggie treat and you check out the ingredients and beef or veggies are listed as one of the last ingredients and ahead of them are a ton of artificial ingredients or chemicals such as BHA, BHT, powdered cellulose, sodium nitrate and so forth then its probably a good idea to set the item down. Two more things you can look at are calories because if the treat is very high in calories then it’s probably not the best idea for your dog, additionally you should check to see if the FDA or VOHC approves the snack. So now that you know what you shouldn’t get you might be wondering what will should I actually feed my Pomsky?

Here are 6 healthy treats for you Pomeranian Husky:

1) Fresh Fruits and Veggies:

Dogs need the nutrients that fruits and veggies provide and many dogs enjoy eating them too! You just have to experiment and see what your Pomsky likes, some suggestions include carrots, green, beans, blueburries and so on. Under no circumstances should you feed your Pomsky or any dog sultanas, raisins, or grapes, as these are toxic to dogs.

2) Meat Treats:

When buying your meat treats make sure that meat is at the top of the ingredients and be aware when looking at cheaper priced brands as their product may be full of fillers like wheat or soy which are tough for dogs to digest. It’s best to look for brands that are all natural even if they are a little more expensive they worth buying because they’re better for your dog.

3) Fruit Treats:

If you don’t have the time to cut up fruits for your dog there are many brands such as Healthy Dogma that will freeze dry fruit and won’t add chemicals or preservatives. When looking for fruit treats remember to always just look at the label and try to find all natural, preservative free snacks.

4) Chews:

Your Pomsky will love a chew treat as it will keep them happy and occupied! You can buy Bully Sticks for your dog, but to ensure you’re buying a premium healthy product make sure it is grass fed, chemical and preservative free, and actually 100% beef.

5) Biscuits:

All dogs love snacking on biscuits and they’re easy to buy and don’t make a mess! Simply go to your local dog store and look for a biscuit made from natural ingredients like apples, chicken, or oatmeal, and be on the lookout for preservatives and artificial ingredients.

6) VOHC Recognized Dental Products:

When looking at dental chews for your Pomsky it’s a good idea to stick with items that have been approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council since these are the only items that are proven to benefit your dog.

Remember that a treat does not always have to be food as your Pomsky also enjoys having your time and affection so something as simple as trying to teach them a new trick, playing a game like fetch or going for a walk will please your best friend as well! If you guys have any other suggestions for healthy treats or specific brands that you have had success with please drop a comment and let me know! 🙂