5 Easiest Ways To Train Your Pomsky

Written By Jason Gest On June 5, 2014, Last Updated On April 7, 2017

The pomsky is the latest in designer breeds for dogs. This particular dog is a mix of a Pomeranian and a husky. The result of this mix in breeds is one of the cutest puppies ever. The pomsky tends to have traits from both of the breeds and is typically fairly strong willed. In addition, the dog will need plenty of exercise as both the Pomeranian and the husky are known for being fairly active dogs. When you first get a pomsky, it is important to show the dog that you are in control. This will lead to a dog that will be better behaved in the long run. Here are a few tips for training your pomsky.

1. Crate Training

Crate training is one of the best ways to get your pomsky puppy to behave is by using crate training. In order to start crate training you will need to make sure that you place your puppy’s crate in an area that is safe. There should be no drafts in the area and it should not be near a heater. The crate should be kept in an area that is close to the family. Make sure that you choose a crate that is right for the size of your dog; it should not be too big or too small. Your puppy should be kept in a crate during meal times and during sleep times. If your puppy becomes restless and starts to whine, you will want to use a cue word or words to guide them into a relieving area. The cue words may be something as simple as go ahead. When the puppy goes in the correct place you will want to make sure to reward them, either with a treat or with praise. Repeating this will teach your puppy to become fully trained by the time they are four to six months old.


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