Dog toys are a must have for any dog owner as they have many benefits along with entertaining your furry friend. When you can’t walk your dog or take it out to play, toys are a great way to interact with your dog and allow it to get some exercise.  In addition to physical exercise, there are many toys that have been designed to challenge and stimulate a dog mentally such as the “kong” which can be stuffed with pretty much anything your dog likes to eat. Fill up a kong with some treats and watch as your dog figures out how to get the food out; interactive toys like the kong teach dogs how to problem solve and self-entertain themselves which is perfect for a rainy day or when you’ve become extra busy with work and can’t take your dog out. So we know that dog toys are great for our dogs, but what should we look for when picking out a toy? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different types of toys you see in your pet store as they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours.




Via Tesla the Pomsky

Top Things To Look For:

Taste, noise, or the ability to be changed or ripped apart:  Many dogs have ties to wolves which are why they look at prey in a similar manner as wolves do and thus they enjoy toys that taste like food, make a sound, or can be torn apart.

Something different: Studies have proven that after a dog has a toy for long enough and gets accustomed with it that it will eventually get bored similarly to many humans as we tend to get bored of things we have for a lengthy period of time.  It makes sense switch things up and buy something a little bit different for your dog so they don’t get too uninterested and bored with their current toys.

A toy in which you can interact: Your dog will love it if you engage in play time and get involved with the toy; if you have fun and are excited your dog will be too.

Things to avoid: Try to shy away from toys that won’t squeak and screech and toys that can’t be easily chewed on, soft and loud is the way to go!

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