We’ve searched the web of all of the Pomsky breeders we could find, and we have put them all together to form the biggest Pomsky breeder list in the world! This list contains breeders from all around the globe including the United States of America, Canada, and portions of Europe such as the United Kingdom. Unfortunately we don’t have any breeders from Sweden listed. The good news is that you can contact the European breeders below and arrange for your puppy to be shipped to you, furthermore our list is always being updated which means that if you check back soon we might have a couple of breeders from Sweden listed!

Pomeranian Husky Breeder: Breeder Location:
Katiebrooke Kennels  Limerick, Ireland
Pomsky Turner Werrington, Windsor, New South Wales
Pomsky Breeder London London United Kingdom (20 old church street)
Moonlit Pomskys Hereford, Warrington, Manchester, England
Perth Pomskies Armadale, Western Australia
BreezeBlue Pomskies U.K.
Humphry’s Pomskys  Surrey, U.K.

If you know of any reputable breeders from Sweden we would appreciate if you let us know by commenting or visiting our contact us page!